Dear Respected donors and supporters,

We wish to apologize to all of you donors if we have not kept you informed on the progress of the new church building project. Recently in our New Church Building Implementation Committee (NCBIC) we had taken an action to constitute an editorial sub-committee, whose task is to regularly update the progress of the various phases of the project in our church website as well as in other communication avenues such as the AKA Newsletter and „Ka Khubor Balang Basah.‟ We hope by this action, the report on the progress of the project will be on a more regular basis henceforth.

First of all, on behalf of all the church members of the Seventh-day Adventist church, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, let me thank the donors for your generous contributions as well as your prayers which you have made and offered towards the project. In particular, I would like to thank Bah Jimmy Ashlock who has been and still is our main contributor and fund raiser. We really cannot thank all of you enough.

It may be mentioned that the entire project is divided into three phases. The first phase is the main church building itself, the second phase will be the pastor‟s office, the Sabbath school rooms, the kitchen, the practice room etc. and the third phase will be the car park etc.

Right now we are working on the first phase. We are eagerly waiting for its completion due to the congestion we are experiencing every Sabbath in the existing church building.

The funds that we have received till date (as of August 31, 2014) has amounted to ₹ 22,177,309.00 (approx $369,622).

It may also be pointed out that the initial estimate for the entire project (all the 3 phases) was ₹ 2.7 crores. But recently the original estimate was reviewed due to the escalation of the cost of materials and the entire estimate for the project is now put at ₹ 3 crores. This does not include the furniture (pews, pulpits, doors, windows etc.) and sound system etc.

This would mean that we are still short of ₹ 7,822,680.00 (approx $130,378.00) to complete the entire project (all the 3 phases).
This is still a very big amount for us. But God has providentially provided the amount that we have received thus far and we believe that He will continue to provide the remaining amount as well. We serve a resourceful God and we have no doubt that He will provide all our needs. We will only continue to do our part.

Dear donors and supporters, we again solicit your help towards the completion of the project as it is beyond our reach to do so on our own. May you be the means through which God can provide the required resources that we still need. May God shower His abundant blessings upon you and your families as you consider to support this project.

Dated: 29th September 2014 Pastor K B Kharbteng
Church Pastor, SDA Church
Laitumkhrah, Shillong



It‟s been a little more than 3 years i.e since October 2010 when we undertook the faith venture of constructing our new church building in Laitumkhrah, Shillong. Right at the very outset of the venture we had made our sincere and earnest appeal for financial help from church members, acquaintances and friends from within the country and abroad. And we thank the Lord Almighty that the response has been overwhelming; and of course thank each of you individually for your support as well as your prayers.

It may be mentioned that the initial total estimate of the entire project was ₹ 2.7 C9rores (approx $450,000). But later the estimate was reviewed on account of cost escalation and thus the total estimate was put at ₹ 3 Crores (approx $500,000).

I‟m happy to report to you that the funds that we have received to date (i.e as of August 31st 2014) has come to ₹ 22,177,309/- (Rupees Two Crores Twenty One Lakhs Seventy Seven Thousand and Three Hundred Nine) which is approximately $369,622.
As we can see, we are still short of ₹ 7,822,680 (approx $130,378) in order for the entire project to be completed. This does not include the cost of furniture, sound system etc.

For us this is an insurmountable amount. But as we have seen the demonstration of God‟s providence thus far, we trust the Lord will continue to provide the required amount as well.

Once again we want to make a fresh appeal to all of you that you would consider to make fresh “love” gift so that we can all rejoice together when the project is completed.

Dated: 29th September 2014