Gospel Musical Concert held on the 18th August 2014

The first ever Seventh-day Adventist church in the Northeastern Region of India was constructed in “Santana”, a plot of land adjacent to Madan Iewrynghep, Upper Lummawrie, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.  The structure is of a splendid but simple work of architecture that meets the needs of earthquake-proof buildings in major seismic zones.  Its columns,  tie beams and roof trusses are of mild steel that are kept hidden by a double ekra wall plastered with a lime-and-sand mixture and plywood ceiling.  However, under the ceiling you could see mild steel “tie-beams” that run across the nave of the church.  It has gothic shaped wooden doors and windows adorned with diamond-shaped panes.  Its roof was originally of thick galvanised iron plain sheets that were replaced by corrugated aluminiun sheets in the 1960s.  It was dedicated in the year 1941 and had a membership of 25 adult souls.  However, the church could comfortably accommodate 250 odd souls within its roof then – a living testimony to the pioneers’ optimism on its eventual growth.

In the 21st Century, its growth has exceeded that optimism.  The church now has a baptized membership of over 800 souls.  Fortunately, the church doesn’t have a back door.  Otherwise, on every Sabbath, church  attendees would witness one church member pushed out that back door whenever another enters from the main entrance.

In appreciation of the urgent need for a much more accommodious house of worship, the church members constituted the New Church Building Implementation Committee (NCBIC) in 2007 charged with formulating the wherewithals to meet this need.

Since its inception, the NCBIC was blessed by God Almighty.  First of all, the North East India Union of Seventh-day Adventists handed a portion of its “Mon Villa” property situated just across the road from the church.  Then people from near and far, across the globe finanancially assisted us and continue to do so in response to the appeals periodically issued by the NCBIC.

It may be mentioned that the majority of our church members  are not financially well-endowed but from week to week, every Sabbath, they contribute their “little drops of water” to the church building fund.

In the interest of maintaining a steady progess of the construction, NCBIC realized the need to initiate a number of activities in the church itself to add fillip to the fund collection.  Therefore, since 2007 the different departments of the church have been tasked with undertaking fund raising activities like jumble  and food sales, Diners’ Night etc.

As part of this initiative of the NCBIC, a Gospel Music Concert was held in the Soso Tham Auditorium, State Central Library, Shillong on August 18, 2014 with “Music To Our Soul” as its theme.

Our own artistes —  “The Shillong Church Youth”, “The Children of Shillong Church”, “One Accord”, “The Kharkongor Trio”, soloist Lalrinchhungi, “The Strait Brothers”, “The Call”  —  beautifully rendered songs of praises and adoration to our God.

The Concert was a well-managed presentation as could be gauged by the audience’s pro-active reaction of enthusiastic  shouts of “Bravos” and sustained hand-clapping throughout the “show”;  and by everyone’s obervation that it was over all too soon.

The show netted (Rs) ₹3,40,800/= ($5,800).

There are plans to hold the concert in places like Jowai, Thadlaskeiñ etc.  With God’s blessing, we are sure that we can go ahead with this endeavour.  We ask all our donors and supporters to continue helping and praying for us.


— Elder M Khongmen

Chairman, NCBIC Gospel Concert Sub-Committee

SDA Church, Shillong


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